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I have not been and am no longer practicing as a naturopathic physician since 2013....
finally starting to create a new website to Re-present myself.

Thank you for your patience, I can be reached as outlined below....


Dr. Chrysalis Yashpal Jayne, PScD, ND(degree)
258 A St; Suite 1, #25 Ashland, OR 97520 also near Dominical,Costa Rica
www.yashpal.com www.DrIboga.org www.EsseneNaturalMystics.org
Clinic: 360-356-1008
USA Cell: 360-302-0040
CR Cell: 001-506-8814-1813
Fax: 877-860-5110
Previously licensed as ND in OR, WA, CA, AZ for 20 years,
Retired Now Licensed as a Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine see www.pmai.us,
Lic #L9925735
Skype: yashpal.jayne