Creating Optimal Health

By Chrysalis Yashpal Jayne, ND

With the summer in full bloom, the gardens are flourishing and the gardeners are “reaping what they sow”. How does one sow a bountiful garden of health? In addition to working with a health-oriented natural doc, there are many things to incorporate (sow) into your life to create optimal health (reap).

As an overview and hopeful inspiration for you to develop your own style, I will simply give suggestions in this article as possibilities. I also fluctuate with the enactment of these suggestions, however, the more that resonates, or “feels right”, for you to add to your daily life, the more your health will benefit. Exercise, meditation, nutrition, cleansing, positivism and the use of innovative healing technologies can become routine for you and your family.

In general, all exercise is beneficial – including a variety of motion and a mix between aerobic (cardiovascular) and anaerobic (strength) activities is best. I recommend jumping on a rebounder (a small trampoline), with or without supplemental oxygen, 15-20 minutes daily for everyone, even if the “jump” is only a “bounce”. Other excellent additions are yoga, at least a few series of sun salutations, and my practice includes the Five Tibetan Rites of longevity. Yoga classes are available in most towns and, with enough interest; I am willing to teach the Tibetan Rites monthly. Dancing, bicycling, walking/running, swimming and high-rep free weights can be done at any level of ability. An average of 30 minutes daily or 60 minutes 3-4 times/week is sufficient. Though seemingly opposite, meditation and/or a quiet walk in Nature allow the mind to soften and regenerate from the stress of the day. 20-30 minutes is quite useful.

In other BSG editions, I wrote extensively about dietary choices, cleansing and fasting. It is important to identify and remove toxins, repair nutrient deficiencies and nutrify dysfunctional organs and glands such as the thyroid and adrenals. After moving away from the S.A.D. die-it (standard American diet) and toward a more health conscious, whole food, primarily organic live-it, is to move toward an individualized plan starting with these basic guidelines. Health wise, more dis-ease results from eating too many cooked starches (breads, pasta, potatoes), bad fats (fried and hydrogenated) and simply too much protein, especially animal proteins. Studies have also shown that micro-waved proteins are altered to be virtually unusable by the body. Flesh foods and starches are healthiest eaten as “condiments” to fresh vegetables and non-sweet fruits (small amounts similar to portions seen in Thai and/or Chinese cuisine). Sweet fruits are best eaten as a meal in itself and with sensitivity to hypoglycemic and yeast tendencies.

Of course the avoidance of industrial chemical nutrition, excess sugars, excess stimulants and a preference for organic foods and lots of pure water will be initially miraculous. Alkalinizing your water with or without an ionizer will keep the normal acidic wastes our bodies produce balanced. To individualize your nutrition further, it is good to discover your food sensitivities, your constitution from an ayurvedic perspective (vata, pitta, kapha dosha combination), your optimal fuel mixture (fast or slow oxidative metabolism), pH balance and your chronic dehydration status. We are able to determine all of these parameters with in-house testing at the clinic (INHC).

Regular cleansing of accumulated debris and toxins in the organ systems keep them functioning well and help to attain and maintain an appropriate weight conducive for health. I recommend at least yearly liver/gall bladder cleanses, yearly 7-10 day juice fast and at least one 30-day colon cleanse such as Ejuva or Arise&Shine every 5-10 years. Colon hydrotherapy is also beneficial when used judiciously. In the first few years of transitioning to an optimal live-it, it is very beneficial to undertake more cleansing, even quarterly LV/GB cleanses and fasts if inspired to do so – and to stop appropriately when it is more beneficial to build-up nutritionally.

Maintaining healthy relationships, non-volatile emotions, honesty, integrity and a positive outlook on life definitely promotes health. Anger, depression, resentment and anxiety lead to acidity and toxic metabolic wastes. A great tool to reduce communication-oriented stresses is to learn, and utilize, NVC, nonviolent communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg and taught locally by Alex Bryan and the Third Ear Project. There are also many forms of empowerment counseling, some of which I use in my practice. The approachable ideal is to live passionately, positively, respectfully, communicatively, with integrity – and get enough sleep!

In the modern world, getting good nutrition, exercise and choosing happiness doesn’t always appear to be enough. There are a lot of unknown and invisible “energies” that affect our health. I’m sure you know people that have practiced all these things and still develop dis-ease. Yes, some factors are non-proven and challenged frequently as conspiracy theory. However some of the known, invisible, factors include EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), radiation, heavy metals, a myriad of chemicals that we are exposed to unknowingly in daily life as well as a constant activation of our immune systems from pathogenic organisms. Innovative technologies have always been a part of medicine. Laboratory tests continue to improve. We offer walk-in lab services without a doctor’s visit, however I do recommend a visit to interpret the results and possibly even to decide the most appropriate tests to run. In mainstream medicine there are truly incredible diagnostic tools. Obviously I am not able to discuss those in the space I have here. I want to focus on the devices that are available for home use.

There are many variations of the Royal Rife frequency generator and countless renditions of Bob Beck’s Zapper. Both of these are based on the electrical annihilation of pathogens. There are numerous other devices that make various claims. It is important to decide on some form of EMF protection. I use the Protect Bio-Field Organizer, it uses a crystalline mineral matrix formulation in conjunction with our own resonant frequencies to transform the electro-pollution we are exposed to. The Q-link, BioPro and Tachyon disks are all well-researched and recommended items that I am familiar with. Infra-Red light and saunas assist the detoxification of chemicals, heavy metals and other xenobiotics (strange to life). Unlike normal saunas, the IR sauna is most effective between 110-130 degrees. High IR Sauna temps can be detrimental to people with adrenal weakness.

For the remainder of this discussion, I am limiting myself to the items I own, use in my practice and are available for you to use yourself in my clinic – or purchase for home use. Specifically, we use the BioMat, Dyna-Chi Ionic Body Balancer, Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer and Low Level Laser Therapy (Cold Laser) by Terra Quant. I encourage you to come to the office and experience these technologies first-hand. You may find you want to own them and use them daily or weekly.

The BioMat is an InfraRed heating pad with Amethyst and/or tourmaline crystals. The amethyst emits InfraRed frequencies and negative ions. There are 17 layers of bio technology. The BioMat is very simple to use on a daily basis. It provides regeneration at the cellular level and promotes detoxification, circulation, relaxation and healing at a profound level.

The Dyna-Chi Ionic Body Balancer is a type of ionic footbath. It uses warm salt water and mild electrical current with negatively charged ions to open up and circulate the lymph system. This particularly unit also delivers Bio Energy Field Enhancement (BEFE) and balances the energy field and in some cases provides some euphoria. Theoretically, this device causes the lymph system to drain and release toxins. I recommend it for weekly use.

The Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer has unlimited uses. It is designed to provide harmony and balance to your energy field so you can maintain a healthful state. It is able to scan your energy field and create an energetic strategy to counter stressors that interfere with your health. It enhances positive informational fields and neutralizes negative fields by providing the exact opposite to counter those stressors. We can also use the device to work with allergen antidotes and to personalize supplements to your energy field, etc.

The Low Level Laser Therapy (cold laser) I use also includes magnetic fields, visible red light, infrared radiation as well as the laser. Cold Laser is effective for pain, recovery from injury, enhances wound healing and increases the effectiveness of other therapies. It is totally non-invasive and works best to start with a full series of treatments and then more sporadically.

Now that you have some seeds to plant in your garden of health, I encourage you to create your own routine. Allow yourself the time and space to develop your practice. Discouragement can be detrimental, while kindness and innerstanding enhance well-being. Come by the clinic, give us a call and experience these devices first-hand.

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