Classical Homeopathy – As Bright as the Summer Solstice!

By Dr. Chrysalis Yashpal Jayne, ND

In Washington, DC, there is an obscure monument that has become my favorite in the town. Though not always kept in good condition, recently it was restored and has been maintained ever since. When one notes the date on which this monument was unveiled – June 21, 1900 – one begins to sense, to understand, to comprehend the LIGHT it represents. The summer solstice, the day the northern hemisphere experiences the greatest amount of light, the apex, the pinnacle, the zenith of light for the year.

This monument honors Samuel Hahnemann, the “founder” of Homeopathy, with a larger-than-life rendition of him posed in reflection and thought. The followers of Homeopathic Medicine in the United States knew what they were doing when they chose that date. They experienced the potential and pure light of the gift Hahnemann gave to the world and wanted to exalt the expression of their honor with that day. In addition to the summer solstice, it was also the new centennial!

Homeopathy was clearly the “new medicine” of the era, ushered into the new century as it had gained full momentum in the now thriving “new America”.

Today, 108 years later, the term “homeopathy” is used in a variety of contexts and its true, or full, meaning has been obscured. In this article, I will attempt to clear up the confusion with an explanation of classical homeopathy. Other uses of the term are either variants of homeopathic practice or misnomers based on minimal understanding, or simply as a marketing tool.

As for my day-to-day practice, Hahnemann would object to the variety of modalities, theories and supplements I utilize. However, I am also a skilled classical homeopath and will also manage cases in this way. In fact, if the Creator came down and advised me that I could ONLY “do” one thing – it would be homeopathy!

Homeopathic medicine has many levels of practice. In its fullest form, it is a bit like searching for the “holy grail” with – or witinin – each client. Samuel Hahnemann hypothesized, experimented, refined and established guidelines and laws for this search. Starting in 1810 and revising through six editions and over 30 years, he wrote his findings down in “The Organon of the Medical Art”. It is an incredible work addressing the practice of homeopathy through aphorisms that are succinct, profound and thorough.

Many people think homeopathy is a way of making medicines, the “remedies”. However, homeopathy is more accurately a way of PRESCRIBING medicines. One prescribes using the Law of Similars. A remedy is chosen that is able to produce symptoms that are similar to what the client is experiencing. As an example, when someone burns their finger on the stove, etc the common initial treatment is to put the finger under cold water or ice. Usually this provides relief while in the cold, however when removed, the pain becomes worse – this is anti-pathic (opposites) treatment. I would recommend the person to bring the finger toward the heat until it becomes painful again, then move it away and repeat as necessary. It will heal much quicker. This is homeopathic (or isopathic – same) treatment. Primarily though, a homeopath prescribes “remedies”.

So, what are remedies? As one of my teachers expressed, one of the things Hahnemann accomplished is to discover a way to put the essence or “prana” of virtually anything into a bottle. There are remedies made of animals, plants, minerals, insects, imponderables (like x-ray or moonlight) and more! All substances have a primary reaction and a secondary reaction. The preparation of homeopathic remedies somehow decreases the primary reaction and increases the secondary reaction, which is the organism’s response to the “drug effect” of the original substance.

To discover the symptom picture of a remedy, “provings” are conducted. Essentially these are double or triple blinded experiments in which “healthy” people are given remedies and they record all of their symptoms that occur thereafter for about 3 weeks. This includes dreams, emotions and events that happened in addition to any physical sensations. Twenty provers is a reasonable number of participants and after the 3 weeks, they meet and the symptom picture is created in a three dimensional way as if they were one person. All of this information is contained in Homeopathic Materia Medica (remedy to symptoms) and in Homeopathic Repertories (symptoms to remedies).

The homeopath’s task is to listen to what the organism (disregarding the client’s “story”) is expressing, what is the “derangement” in the “dynamis”, the vital force of the organism, and what needs to be healed. This is best done with attentive listening and allowing the patterns to unfold within the client’s “story”. This information is written down, the emerging pattern is distilled and analyzed and an attempt to match one pattern with another is made and a remedy is decided upon and given to the client. Then – we wait to see what happens and throughout treatment it is a continual observation and analysis of the client’s response. In short, the pattern is both the remedy and the dis-ease.

If the remedy is exact - a beautiful cure unravels. If the remedy is close – many symptoms are relieved, however a “zig-zag” of remedies may be needed. If the remedy is not effective – we move to a different remedy that also seems like a good match. All of these responses are good and necessary in homeopathy. Even the most skilled practitioners manage their cases with all of these, and more, scenarios.

Well, I realize that is a very brief overview and I will host an information night at my clinic to explain things in more depth. Now, I would like to briefly explain the method of making remedies. Yes - they are highly diluted substances and as I alluded to earlier, many people think that is the definition of homeopathy, the use of highly diluted substances. Remedies are not only diluted, they are also “succussed”! Originally, succussion was hitting the bottle on a leather-bound Bible more than 100 times between each dilution, now we use the palm of our hand or machines have been invented that have a leather plate the remedies are succussed upon. It seems that the dilution decreases the primary reaction and the succussion increases the secondary reaction – amazing.

Remedies are “potentized” with this method outlined above. The nomenclature is dependent on the unit of dilution. Common dilutions are 1:10 = X or D; 1:100 = C and 1000C = 1M; 1:50,000 = LM. With each set of succussions, the number increases, so a 6c is less diluted than a 30c, etc. However, with more dilution/succussion periods, the remedy’s potency increases. As the potency increases, the longer a dose of the remedy will last, however the choice has to be more accurate to the organism’s pattern AND its intensity. So in the same client, the 200c will be repeated less often than a 30c, because it is more “potent”. There comes a point (at 12c) when the repeated dilutions have removed all of the original substance, however homeopaths continue the dilution/succession cycles many times more than this point - and the remedy becomes stronger! The frequency of dosing is more important than the amount given in each dose.

As anyone who is or knows a homeopath can confirm – Homeopaths like all things in small doses – except books, seminars, proven remedies and repertory software such as RADAR. In fact I now have over 800 volumes of books in a searchable database to perform remedy and case analyses.

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