Biogenic Living - Internal Reflection and Transformation

By Dr. Chrysalis Yashpal Jayne, ND

As we enter now into the season of winter, we enter into the dark - a time to nurture, a time to reflect, a time of metamorphosis in Nature’s cocoon or chrysalis – to transform into our newly re-created self, preparing for our re-birth this Spring!

This is the last installment of my BSG series suggesting physical and spiritual transformation. The time is NOW to incorporate your plans and design yourself anew.

In future articles, we will explore the variety of healing modalities I use to assist people in their transformations: bio-energetic medicine – EAV/EDS, homeopathy, spinal tune-ups and massage, nutritional awareness and supplementation, G.E.M. (gemstone energy medicine), Essene and indigenous wisdom. Of course, all of these can be utilized now as well to determine the direction and focus of your transformation. Its time to plan your journey!

Health and healing – and lifestyle – is an individual experience. As an Essene bishop, I am very familiar with the works of Edmond Szekely and the International Biogenic Society. Dr Szekely was able to expound on Essene knowledge from the Dead Sea Scrolls and create an archetype for the modern Essene. One of the many useful developments he made is to distinguish diet and activities as: biogenic, bioactive, biostatic or biocidic.

“Bio” means life, so to define these assessments; biogenic generates life force, bioactive activates life force, biostatic is neutral to life force and biocidic kills or destroys life-force. Life force permeates living things and its depletion ultimately results in aging and death. Therefore, anytime we can increase life force – it’s a good thing!

These assessments are principles that can be used in all aspects of one’s lifestyle, especially when making choices. When intentionally redesigning yourself, use these principles to evaluate your activities, dietary choices, habits, people you spend time with, reading material, music, movies/television, etc. The goal is to be reasonably assured that when combined together, the sum favors the bioactive and biogenic side of the equation. Biocidic choices are to be avoided or compensated for by bioactive and biogenic choices. Many things are biostatic, so they neither add nor take away life force.

Biogenic activities lift your spirit, spark your soul and increase your vitality. Sprouted seeds contain enough life force to create their entire plant intended, so are very biogenic. Bee pollen, blue green algae, spirulina, maca and other superfoods are also biogenic. Love, joy and laughter are biogenic emotions. Certain people that help you stay in these emotions would also be biogenic. Time in nature, like in an ancient wilderness, is certainly biogenic - to breathe unpolluted air and drink fresh spring water. Additionally, a walk on the beach or even in a city park by a waterfall, creek or lush plants is biogenic. Singing and/or playing music can be biogenic. Reading, writing and music is very individual in its biogenicity. Basically, it your spirit feels lighter, you are left with more energy than when you started, it is likely a biogenic experience or at least bioactive.

Bioactive activities stimulate your own stored life force to become biogenic. Any of the things I mentioned in the biogenic section can be bioactive instead, depending on the individual’s response. Passion, excitement and good self-esteem are bioactive emotions. In diet, most live organic foods are bioactive. They provide more energy than is used for their digestion. Spending quality time with friends and family without negativity is bioactive. Meditation, exercise, dance, yoga, massage, spinal tune-ups, acupuncture and other bodywork are all bioactive. Reading, music, movies and games that elicit positive emotions are bioactive. Rewarding jobs with right livelihood are also bioactive. Good relationships and well-behaved, inspiring children are bioactive. The key is that the activity results in a net increase of life force whether felt directly or indirectly and a net reserve is accomplished for use at another time.

Biostatic activities neither add nor, more importantly, take away life force, they are neutral. All whole foods, cooked properly, that provide unadulterated nutrients are biostatic. The majority of one’s normal activities should be done in a biostatic (or better) way. Compassion, humility and simply being “nice” are biostatic emotions. Background music, hanging out with friends, general movies and reading are biostatic. These are important, though essentially fill in our days, so are not a focus in your transformational redesign as the other three assessments.

Biocidic activities are detrimental to one’s body, mind, emotions or spirit. These are the areas we most want to identify in our life to transform. Industrial, agri-corporate foods created in laboratories, not kitchens – food additives, preservatives, and other chemicals, demineralized and refined foods are biocidic. Anger, depression, anxiety, disappointment and low self-esteem are biocidic. People that express negativity, are oppressive and condescending with sarcasm even in a humorous are toxic and thus biocidic. Environments that are polluted, clear-cut or attract negative people are biocidic. Habits that we find ourselves in that are biocidic need revision or to be replaced with bioactive or biogenic habits or disciplines. Frequently these habits result from or lead to disparaging relationships. Staying in an unhappy, argumentative relationship that gets to a point of no return is biocidic for all. Continually fighting with or forcing your children to do your will and not relax into compassionate trust will become biocidic. We cannot fully avoid biocidic life influences. For this - it is important to identify and engage in bioactive and biogenic practices as best we are able to incorporate in a kind, gentle, allowing, one-step-at-a-time way.

At times a biostatic or biocidic choice may be consciously or intentionally undertaken with biogenic or bioactive components. Some examples: going to a bar environment to hear uplifting music and dance, eating biostatic or even biocidic foods while spending quality time with friends or family. We always have choices to make.

With this inner-standing, we now have a measuring stick to identify and redesign our new self. In this time of reflection, we have the inner space and planetary support to transform. Good luck and I applaud your rebirth and cleansing this Spring!

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