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They are very cleverly designed with an inner and outer barrel of glass. The inner barrel is very thin and contains liquid metal (not mercury). The thin inner barrel makes it possible for very accurate temperature readings within 3 minutes ! (not as much glass to warm up). That's almost as fast as a digital thermometer but is unquestionably accurate. The outer barrel provides strength and has a much greater diameter than old-fashioned glass thermometers which makes it much easier to handle. The outer barrel is flattened to prevent it from rolling off a counter. Once manufactured, each thermometer is placed in a water bath with a clinical laboratory grade thermometer to certify it's accuracy. This liquid metal thermometer (as opposed to a red alcohol one) will hold its reading until shaken down. People can take their temperature and lay the thermometer down to do something else, and come back and read the thermometer at a time that's convenient for them. It has large, easy to read numbers, and doesn't require "rolling" to see the temperature reading. It has a dual scale which makes it easy to read the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius (great for our international friends). The thermometer is safe. Since it contains no mercury, even if it breaks there is no need for concern about toxicity. The liquid metal inside is nontoxic. It's not harmful to you, or the environment. USE: These thermometers function the same as mercury thermometers. The Galinstan (mercury substitute) is shaken down by grasping the rounded top of the thermometer and with a fast snapping wrist action the Galinstan will go back down the column. Depending on the person this may take up to 25 to 30 snaps. On a cautionary note the wrist shaking motion is downward away from the body so it would be better to be away from counter tops. You don't need to be timid in shaking them down and this may take some practice. Rarely do we receive returned thermometers that can't be shaken down. TIP: Do you have difficulty shaking down thermometers? With your thermometer in its case you can slide it into an ordinary sock with the end that goes into your mouth toward the toe of the sock. Then you can grasp the end of the sock with the opening to keep it closed and swing the sock in a circle, like a propeller. This action will work like a centrifuge to spin the liquid metal down towards the tip without you having to try to shake it down by hand by flipping your wrist. When swinging your thermometer in the sock, be sure not to swing the sock near chairs or countertops.

  • Manufactured by: WTS Meds

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