"Camarai Unai" by Pablo Amaringo

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Pablo Amaringo's Description of his painting "Camarai Unai"

Lea la Descripción de Pablo de la Pintura

A meeting of the spirits for the joy of having fulfilled their assigned tasks; in this way they show humans that it is not just about working arduously, but also about having time to unwind.

These spirits celebrate their parties in a circular form or movement. They make a circle, hand in hand, upon celebrating the festivity of movement by dancing in circles. They celebrate these parties in such a way that they are dances, jubilant marches, a time determined to truly be a jagh (occasion of great rejoicing.)

In this party, all appear after having completed their labor; while the party takes place trumpets are sounded, and other instruments with very refined sound, that captivate those who listen to this melodic music. Over the course of these parties, some are solemn assemblies, or holy gatherings. During the holy gatherings, these spirit beings must prepare themselves.

Celebration is very important in the lives of these holy spirits, but these parties are smooth, and immaculate, so that afterwards, these spirits must speak of their agility, skill, and ability, having demonstrated much expertise in their spiritual undertakings. These parties provide the space and the opportunity to meditate in a holy fashion, to associate with each other and consider what is holy, expanding their knowledge in the work of the physical world, increasing their understanding and love among themselves, thus promoting unity and clean friendship. These occurrences are happiness shown in purity and cleanliness. These holy spirits are soaked in the proper thoughts and paths that divinity has given them. There they receive rich blessings.

A great shining of light bathes the temples; the atria of the temples and all of the private areas are lit with peaceful and decorative lights. It is a celebration of illumination with dynamic energy. The objective of the illumination is not just to light the place, but also to make everyone enjoy the eternal unfading light. And it is not just to light the surroundings, as there are songs of praise to the being of dynamic energy. It is so great, the joy of these rituals and of the freedom of matter enjoyed by those who attend the feast of the luminaries; it is given this name because it shines unexpectedly for the shamans.

The great illumination of these beings comes floating to the mind of the shamans, and grant him mental cleaning, a new lucid mind full of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and other mental abilities.

In this trance the human being comes to know that his body is made up of countless numbers of molecules of proteins, although these are not all identical.

In this vision, the spirits show us that animals, plants, all living things, and we humans have drawings for the construction of cells. These original drawings are molecules of DNA which are in the nucleus of the cell and do not leave there. Because it is too valuable for the construction of the body, another special molecule, called a messenger, comes out with equipment ready to make what the body needs. It is amazing to see that beings of such different faces and bodies vibrate and work in building shapes, style, character, and other things; they give flavor and coloring to life. Thus the shamans reach the knowledge of being gentle and humble of heart and of mind, doing good things for their families, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and strangers, carrying love, peace, tender care and philanthropic goodness with them as forgiveness.

Man has been born to live in his surroundings with all beings of nature, of his global environment, and to attempt to conquer the life of the spirit, which is full of all good things, separate from all pernicious and malevolent work or voracious appetites.

This is why the indigenous peoples carry with them a very steadfast and unchanging culture, held over from another time. They seem very innocent, but these tribes, by living in agreement with nature, have condensed profound spiritual worlds, and want not to discriminate but to listen, and respect the beliefs, ideas, and opinions of all human beings, respecting vegetation and animal life as well, so that it will not go extinct.

The reddish color is mental perception; it is an element of safety and security held in memory. Through its kinetic movement it develops important aspects such as language and stores much information for the mind.

The colors yellow and green are the astral eyes that serve spirituality, holiness, and purity.

The color blue connects the shaman to cosmic, stellar, and magnetic elements, among others. It is worth your while to observe this esoteric painting.

By Pablo C. Amaringo Shuña
Pucallpa, 05-16-07

Translated by Denali DeGraf
Dungeness, 06-12-07

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