Ingredients: Natural Humic Shale, Natural Volcanic Zeolite, proprietary mineral blend and ultra purified water. Genesis™ is a base of natural and proprietary fulvic acid solution made without hydroxides or chemicals from pristine source Humic Shale (ancient plant matter) made with alchemical understanding. Fulvic Acid is nature's most complex natural molecule and a foremost organic co-enzyme, antioxidant and electrolyte that is a key ingredient plants use with photosynthesis to turn mineral rock into organic nutrients. Fulvic acid is nature's way of “chelating” metallic minerals turning them into readily absorbed bio-available ionic form small enough to go through the cell wall and ultimately nourish us, help remove waste and repair DNA. It has innate intelligence accumulated in its complex structure to protect and support life and is one of the key factors of enzyme reactions within all living cells supporting longevity, optimum health and all life as we know it. Medicine has used this substance for thousands of years. Natural Zeolite is a negatively charged volcanic “clathrate” mineral with a unique complex crystalline structure that supports the safe removal of inorganic heavy metals and chemical toxins (positively charged) in the body, thus reducing the oxidative process (free radical damage). Genesis™ has a natural and proprietary zeolite solution without the use of chemicals. Genesis™ is a truly unique proprietary blend including fulvic acid, humic acid, zeolite and mannatomic minerals such as platinum group metals and gold to support our endocrine system (especially the pineal gland) to raise consciousness and create happy chemicals in the brain. Our nick name for Genesis is Joy Juice. We believe Genesis™ provides extraordinary support for our energetic and physical bodies, contains the highest light quotient of any food that is commercially available and creates the perfect terrain for well being and a conscious life.

  • Manufactured by: Conscious Planet

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