Thyrocalm Px: 120 vcaps


Supports Balanced Thyroid Function* ThyroCalm Px is a unique formula that is designed to promote balance of thyroid hormones and to calm an over-functioning thyroid. Each bottle of ThyroCalm Px is extracted from 2000 ml of organic liquid extract. To our knowledge, ThyroCalm Px is the most concentrated herbal based thyroid calming formula commercially available. Although the ingredients in ThyroCalm Px are medicinal plants that have been used for hundred of years, the technology used to create this formula involves concentrating the herbs to an unprecedented potency in which 1 teaspoon (5ml) is equivalent to 14 teaspoons (70ml) of a standard 1:4 herbal tincture (the concentrated tincture is then put into capsules). ThyroCalm Px is designed not only to balance a hyper-functioning thyroid gland, but also to manage the accompanying physiological effects such as heart palpitations and nervousness.*

  • Manufactured by: WTS Meds

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