Pure Synergy: 12.5oz


Supported by over 30 years of research and use, Pure Synergy® remains the standard by which all other green superfood formulas are measured. Based on the original Kirlian research of Dr. Mitchell May and his colleagues at UCLA Medical Center, Pure Synergy’s unique comprehensive formula offers a multitude of valuable phytonutrients, including lutein, enzymes, chlorophyll, carotenes, beta glucans, iodine, alginates, ellagic acid, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, quercetin, RNA/DNA, sulforaphane, phycocyanins, GLA, SOD, sitosterols, and zeaxanthin, from some of nature’s most vitalizing and nutrient-rich herbs, algae, grass juices, sprouts and fruits. These special raw foods provide you with powerful support at the most fundamental levels, and the results can be remarkable! When you receive the deep nourishment necessary to function optimally, your body is able to naturally detoxify, regenerate and sustain abundant physical and mental energy throughout your busy days. “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” We’ve all heard it a thousand times. In fact, scientists and researchers are now recommending nine servings a day of fruits and vegetables. Why so much? Greens and fruits are abundant sources of vitamins and minerals, but, more importantly, they are phytonutrient powerhouses. The phytonutrient compounds that function as a plant’s immune system offer substantial antioxidant and detoxifying benefits to us. We now know that chlorophyll, carotenes, lutein, bioflavonoids, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins and phycocyanins are responsible for many of the health-protective benefits experienced by people who eat diets rich in fruits and vegetables. Pure Synergy is bursting with vital phytonutrients. Grass juices, algae, sea vegetables, spinach, collards, kale and berries are the richest known sources of many of these precious compounds. More important, Pure Synergy provides these phytonutrients in their natural, synergistic food form. This means that the phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in Pure Synergy enhance and support each other’s activity, providing protective, regenerative and strengthening benefits to you! Pure Synergy’s cleansing and regenerative grass juices, algae, seaweeds and enzymes are combined with protective fruits and berries and restorative, adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms to enhance natural detoxification and the radiant energy that results from genuine well-being. Unlike many companies, we never add fillers or bulking agents (such as whole grasses, apple fiber or pectin, rice bran or flax), which dilute nutritional potency and are a potential source of genetically modified material. Because the cellulose fiber in whole grass is indigestible, it prevents the grass’s valuable phytonutrients from being released in the digestive system. For this reason, we use only grass juices. In every spoonful of Pure Synergy, you receive densely packed nutrition that intensely nourishes and strengthens every system in your body, resulting in sustained energy, enhanced recovery, mental clarity and overall well-being! Pure Synergy is special not only because of its extraordinary formula, but also because we meticulously cultivate and protect all the precious constituents contained in it. We work closely with our certified organic growers to ensure the optimal development of enzymes and beneficial phytonutrients in Pure Synergy’s ingredients. These extraordinary herbs and other foods are harvested at their peak of potency and immediately concentrated and dried by utilizing proprietary cool-temperature processes that preserve their energetic and nutritional integrity. Studies have shown that these unique technologies offer unprecedented protection of the enzymes and other valuable phytonutrient constituents. Our Ultra Fresh Packaging™ further protects Pure Synergy from damaging light, oxygen and moisture after bottling.

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  • Manufactured by: The Synergy Company

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