“Puma Yachay (Wisdom of the Puma)”

by Pablo Amaringo

Painting Dated: 09-02-02
Measurements: 51x64 cm

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Pablo Amaringo's Description of his painting "Puma Yachay"

Lea la Descripción de Pablo de la Pintura


The jaguars appear above the shamans, the red puma to the left and black panther to the right.

This is a vision that amazes the shamans, because they emerge from the rope of ayahuasca.

The black panther contains the almost impenetrable depth of the science of ayahuasca. The red panthers represent the vine of ayahuasca, while the jaguars represent the branches and leaves. These feline spirits care for ayahuasca’s esoteric strength. In these cats, the sense of smell and the eyes are full of hypnotism that they sharpen through the rhythmic movements of their tails when these animals prepare to take action in something.

Sometimes the shamans are possessed by the very fine senses of these cats, above all, their sense of smell and their highly developed brains. They give much intelligence to the shamans, and above all, astuteness to discover their enemies and find the means to imprison them.

These cats are in a place to be the terror of the Amazonian forests, due to the strength and fierceness in their organism. They represent the kings of the jungle.

The teachers, who acquire the strength, astuteness, and the sharp eye that hypnotizes the jaguar, become expert healers, of both natural and contrived healings, because the shaman has learned from the cleverness and powerful, intelligent minds of these cats. In ancient times here in Amazonia, shamans would transform into banco-sumi (shamans with dominion over free matter), and in this way they could transform into jaguars or other cats. Furthermore, the shaman could make these jaguar spirits appear at his side as natural animals and anyone could see them materially, in this way a sumiruna could leave his home and take no precautions, with no fear that he would be attacked by any person or animal. The stories of these mysterious felines, or jaguars, in ayahuasca, are so subtle about shamans who dominate their powers.

At the upper left is the temple where the hidden divinities of understanding live. The existence of the unknown is hidden in this temple from people of the world, to be shown to those who have been purified by positive actions and attitudes to receive and exercise the palística science, or science of plants.

The great teachers, bancos, bancopuma, muraya, sumiruna, banco-sumi, can understand the manifestation of cosmic vibratory life, which thus gives birth to matter (which is deformed space.) All of this comes from dynamic energy, which makes universal energy function; matter in a state of revolution and maximum complexity, giving great energetic power, moving galactic and dimensional systems, thus exerting an irresistible pressure on cosmic reality.

To the right side of this great temple is the tunnel that leads to the eternal universe inhabited only by spirit beings, not material beings, where life is eternal, but not immortal. In other words, it is to be understood that other immortal beings also live there.

Ayahuasca gives much spiritual teaching, and physical, mental and moral health. Human wisdom produces diverse pleasures, such as the expertise necessary to obtain material wealth, but not to bring true happiness or lasting satisfaction as spiritual knowledge and wisdom do. This does not mean that human wisdom has absolutely no value.

All is valid in life; it is simply necessary to know how to use it at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place.

By Pablo C. Amaringo Shuña
Pucallpa 05-17-07

Translated by Denali DeGraf
Dungeness 06-12-07

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