“Allí Machashca”

by Pablo Amaringo

Painting Dated: 01-01-03

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Pablo Amaringo's Description of his painting "Allí Machashca"

Lea la Descripción de Pablo de la Pintura


This painting is called “Allí Machashca” because concentration is best in a calm environment, full of the foundations of peace, enjoyment and euphoria, which makes one feel like dancing, singing, throwing off one’s afflictions; it makes one want to join onto a spiritual system with such power and wisdom, with extrasensory knowledge from beginning to end.

This is understood when the shaman master shows us his body, half-human, half-serpent. We are to understand that we live with unconscious incompetence. This is when one ignores information which one must come to understand but does not; spiritual things which are hidden, which one does not even know the thousandth part, and comes to the understanding that one knows, but does not. And life passes by and the person has not learned what they must do to keep on living, these curves of the serpent shaman teach us that in life one must fight battles to live and one must also make many mistakes in order to learn, because without error, life does not adjust to existence. We learn that the human being is not perfect but must learn control and self-control wisely in his actions and attitudes; in wealth and in poverty, in heart, learning, and study.

All the elements seen in this painting represent power, justice, wisdom, knowledge, and many other virtues: the fire being thrown down by the eels [eagles? possible typo] are elements with a lot of energy. The rainbow is known as a material which preserves life. Smoke personifies spiritual and bodily cleanliness, if incense with copal or other resins is used, it cleans out the rough edges of negligence.

In this painting the diversity of spiritual elements gives the security of all company, be it great or small.

By Pablo C. Amaringo Shuña
Pucallpa, 06-06-07

Translated by Denali DeGraf
Dungeness 06-12-07

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