"Aralim” or “Thrones"

by Pablo Amaringo

Painting Dated: March 29, 2003
Measurements: 52x64 cm

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Pablo Amaringo's Description of his painting "Aralim" or "Thrones"

Lea la Descripción de Pablo de la Pintura


The "Aralim” or “Thrones" of radiant energy are the creators of the spiritual experience; they control how the visions that ayahuasca gives come in. In the physical universe, they maintain the fundamental forces for the entire movement of cosmic bodies, such as: gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear forces, and weak nuclear forces.

At the top left, the winged being represents electromagnetism. To the bottom left, the winged being represents gravity. At the top right, the being represents strong nuclear forces. Below right, the other being represents weak nuclear forces. The spiritual being in the middle represents a sublime master/teacher of the ayahuasca, like a "sumiruna" or a "banco-sumi". These teachers rule the main elements: earth, water, air and fire.

The master shaman comes to possess these energies when he adheres to a strict three-year diet without eating absolutely any salt, sugar, oil etc. He then receives the crown of profound knowledge. Because his soul is full of the rainbow, the shaman’s medicine is in his breath. When he blows, he expels from his mouth energies of the colors of the rainbow. His clothing and all that the “maestro” uses is full of the colors of the rainbow. In the center, there is a dark transparent spiral. This is an archetype of the ayahuasca that emanates from the spirit to illustrate spiritual awakening, where one understands the vital force of the spirit that upon breathing blows inspiration of action that goes toward the eternity. From there, the master learns to blow to the people that he heals, to put the energies into the “functioning” of their auras, into their consciousness and into their heart, realizing themselves that they are truly healing.

The blue circles surrounding the angels are the color that is shown to give valor/courage to cowardly people, stability to the insecure and to inspire faith in those that are hesitant. The ayahuasca shows that if a person dresses in this color, they learn to behave like a true human being full of virtues. The color pink fuchsia teaches the person that uses it to be supportive, not egotistical, friendly, not solitary. The color yellow helps people be confident, diligent, active, prepared, optimistic, and sure of them selves. The master and his students are receiving many divine teachings, feeling physically, emotionally, visually and mentally all the virtues of this sacred plant.

This is a picture that takes care of people in every enterprise/business because it carries beings that take care of the world and the universe.

By Pablo C. Amaringo Shuña
Pucallpa 05-11-07

Translated by Denali DeGraf
Dungeness 06-12-07

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