"Machaco-Runa" or "Hombre Serpiente"

by Pablo Amaringo

Painting Dated: March 11, 2004
Measurements: 70x100 cm

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Pablo Amaringo's Description of his painting "Machaco Runa"

Lea la Descripción de Pablo de la Pintura


The machaco-runa is the person that has reached extrasensory dimensions of unknown and unfathomable energies that join with other bodies of radio-electric energy. A teacher with the degree of ‘sumi-runa’ (man of much knowledge and occult wisdom) feels the astral ethers very strongly. This is unknown to humans that do not know spiritual things. Only with their physical eyes do they see matter that is deformed space. The maestros “sumi-runas, banco-sumi, murayas” and others that have these high degrees of esoteric knowledge were mostly aborigines that were illiterate and unaware of modern culture but were integral human beings. A “sumi-runa” great teacher, or one of any other spiritual degree may seem like simpleton that at first sight appears to not know anything. Nevertheless, he encompasses infinite knowledge from millions and millions of years achieving knowledge of spiritual kingdoms of a sublime purity.

When these great maestros travel in infinite time and space, they gather spiritual corpuscles to their bodies that form dimensional halos that cover incalculable spaces in the universe. In the process of these trips, they see things in the present during which time they understand that the past and the future is inside of the present. For these spiritual beings, all is present - there is no past or future. Some of the ancient Incas had the power to transform themselves into "machaco-runas"; they were very sharp and perceptive, through hearing, and through sensitivity.

In the lower foreground, we see a "machaco-runa" with the face of a human and the body of a snake. In his body, he has circles with points in them that show products of life. These are spirals of the spark of life, the open curve that life molds into shapes. When someone is sick, spiritual knowledge can fix the body’s poor functioning. The same thing is said of a criminal who likes to break the law. It is said that they are sick and that one must cure them with healthy and instructive words of spiritual health. These come into their minds and hearts, and then the person comes to have actions and attitudes that are wise and full of love and human philanthropy. In the lower left we see how the "machaco-runa" cures a sick man with his different spirals; they transform the way his life works.

On the left of the picture, there is a spiritual being with a lot of fire surrounding him. The ignition of these fires keeps these beings, called “soraf”, going. Speaking of celestial and sky beings, they keep themselves going with incandescent fire full of many energies. When the master ayahuasquero or huairacaspero, requero, alcanforero, bobinsanero, etc., uses the cigar, they represent a volcano that erupts because it is full of spiritual energy, in the same way a curandero is charged with spiritual energies and can come to fix any living material that isn’t functioning well through the blowing of the cigar.

At the top center, an angel with a pink and yellow aura appears. The color pink represents: altruism, philanthropy and generosity. The color yellow represents: trust, security and tranquility. This being tells us that a person or maestro can also smoke leaves of the teaching trees, like the ‘huairacaspi,’ the ‘came-renaco’, the ‘bobinsana’ and others that one can smoke, by drying the leaves of these trees. That’s how you enter into a relationship with the spiritual beings, through dreams. In order to use the cigar, it should be very small and thin and shredded like tobacco. On the upper left side is another being of the world of the sacrosanct gods (very sacred and holy) who creates the movement of the ayahuasca and its growth, in the image of snakes. He also controls the great dizziness that the beverage of the "ayahuasca" gives as a cure, therapy, cleansing and the reception of powers, to come to be a good shaman.

This picture gives wisdom, knowledge and the communication of interest in the mind of the person who possesses it. It has the colors of the rainbow. It is splendid, magnificent, admirable and resplendent.

By Pablo C. Amaringo Shuña
Pucallpa 05-14-07

Translated by Denali DeGraf
Dungeness 06-12-07

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