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Mental Abilities

The mind comprehends the functions of discriminatory perception when it sees the living visions of the shaman. In that moment it can distinguish one thing from another, one being from another. It understands that life has a very complex spiritual organization, which traces itself back to the depths of many eons (intelligence made eternal by divinity.)

Machaco Runa

The machaco-runa is the person that has reached extrasensory dimensions of unknown and unfathomable energies that join with other bodies of radio-electric energy. A teacher with the degree of ‘sumi-runa’ (man of much knowledge and occult wisdom) feels the astral ethers very strongly.

Spiritual Temples

The vision of spiritual temples is that they are formed of spirit people, and when looked at, seem to be literal buildings on the earth, with doors, windows, and rooms. This is not so with spiritual temples because they are aspects that in an instant become like buildings but then disappear, so it is difficult to know what invisible spiritual material is.


The "Aralim” or “Thrones" of radiant energy are the creators of the spiritual experience; they control how the visions that ayahuasca gives come in. In the physical universe, they maintain the fundamental forces for the entire movement of cosmic bodies, such as: gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear forces, and weak nuclear forces.

Alli Machashca

This painting is called “Allí Machashca” because concentration is best in a calm environment, full of the foundations of peace, enjoyment and euphoria, which makes one feel like dancing, singing, throwing off one’s afflictions; it makes one want to join onto a spiritual system with such power and wisdom, with extrasensory knowledge from beginning to end.

Wisdom of the Puma

The teachers, who acquire the strength, astuteness, and the sharp eye that hypnotizes the jaguar, become expert healers, of both natural and contrived healings, because the shaman has learned from the cleverness and powerful, intelligent minds of these cats.

Camarai Unai

A meeting of the spirits for the joy of having fulfilled their assigned tasks; in this way they show humans that it is not just about working arduously, but also about having time to unwind. These spirits celebrate their parties in a circular form or movement. They make a circle, hand in hand, upon celebrating the festivity of movement by dancing in circles.

Heart of the Cosmic Serpent

The heart of the serpent (Amaru) is like a tabernacle where things of great value for life are kept; that is, it is the root of the physical body’s functioning, the prototype of bodily function which makes human, vegetable, or other organisms work.

Great Spirit Instructions

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Pablo Amaringo Artcards

Pablo Amaringo Artcards

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